Who Has Special Needs?

Raising children is no joke and raising children with special needs is a full-fledged sitcom – a dark, dark, dark, twisted, punch you in the gut comedic saga.

Like most parents of children with special needs I find myself living in the future and fearing the unknown. At the same time I call on those tranquil peaceful spa-like moments when all is right in the world and I am reminded of a simple mantra to stay in the present…just stay in the present (namaste).

Plastic Brains: Life as an LP

My lady friend Olivia is an Occupational Therapist by day and a Marriage and Family Therapist by night. Frankly, she has more waking hours available during the week to take a third job, but I digress.

For some time she has been asking me to read a book by Dr. Daniel J. Siegel and Dr. Tina Payne Bryson, The Whole-Brain Child. In full disclosure, Tina is my lady friend’s Executive Director at The Center for Connection and the wife of this dorky red-haired guy that I have played pickup basketball with for many years.

Grizzly Adams: Outstretched Hands

There is this old timer I know that reminds me of a far less smiley and a far less groomed Grizzly Adams. He wears blue denim overalls and speaks with a low soft growl. And in this low soft growl he shares a kind of wilderness wisdom - at least that’s how it strikes me.

He speaks of a time in his life when he had a giant empty hole inside of him. It was so large, he would explain, that you could stick a pickup truck in there and let it do 360s and it wouldn’t touch the sides. 

The Flute Player: Creatures and Creators

My research interests in terms of academic publication focus primarily on ancient Greek literature. Over the years, I discovered what I truly loved – stories.

Not just any story. Stories that have been preserved, transmitted, and read over centuries. Stories that have been preserved, transmitted, and read over centuries are stories that perpetually generate meaning. Stories that do not are lost and forgotten over time.