Dictionary of Everyday Theology and Culture

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Dictionary of Everyday Theology and CultureThe Dictionary of Everyday Theology and Culture takes key theological concepts out of the seminary and puts them on the street, allowing every reader to understand the terms and then practice them. This resource contains an alphabetical listing of 170 theological and cultural terms; each entry includes a definition (explaining the term in easy-to-understand language) and an everyday application (helping readers grasp how to live out the concept). Sound theology isn’t simply the intellectual exercise of reflecting on God’s existence and works. Biblical truths are intended for godly living and Christian service. Therefore, this dictionary goes deeper than other reference texts, helping readers apply truths about God to such issues as abortion, divorce, ecology, bioethics, prayer, worship, evangelism, stewardship, politics, and the media.

Bruce Demarest, PhD, has taught theology for many years at Denver Seminary and currently serves as professor of Christian formation. Dr. Demarest has a PhD in biblical and historical theology from the University of Manchester. He has written several books on theology and spiritual formation, including Soul Guide, Satisfy Your Soul, Seasons of the Soul, and The Cross and Salvation.

Keith J. Matthews, DMin, is chair of the ministry department and professor of spiritual formation and contemporary culture at Azusa Pacific University’s Graduate School of Theology. He is a longtime pastoral practitioner, having served in churches from coast to coast. He is also an adjunct professor at Fuller Theological Seminary. Matthews has written several articles and coauthored Dallas Willard’s study guide to The Divine Conspiracy.

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